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crispy adj : tender and brittle; "crisp potato chips" [syn: crisp] [also: crispiest, crispier]

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  1. having a crisp texture; brittle yet tender

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  1. The well-baked fat on the surface of a piece of roasted meat.

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Crispiness or crispness (OE. crisp, cyrps, ad. L. crispus curled. Cf. OF. crespe curled, mod.F. crêpe.) is the gustatory sensation of brittleness in the mouth, such that the food item shatters immediately upon mastication. Crispiness differs from crunchiness in that a crunchy food continues to provide its material sensation after a few chews. On the other hand, a crispy food quickly loses the 'taut' equilibrium of its material, such as a tightly wrapped sausage.
A delicately wrapped item is usually crisp, unlike such food items as loosely or unwrapped unfresh fruit or a wax-coated cheese.
Crisp and crunch can be concomitant or mutually exclusive.


c900 Bæda's Hist. V. ii, Se unga wæs eworden hale lichoman..and hæfde crispe loccas fægre.
c1000 in Thorpe Hom. I. 456 (Bosw.) He is blæcfexede and cyrps.
c1290 S. Eng. Leg. I. 319/687 Blac with cripse here.
1530 PALSGRAVE, John 501/1, I crasshe, as a thynge dothe that is cryspe or britell bytwene ones tethe.
1611 COTGR., Bressaudes, the crispie mammocks that remaine of tried hogs grese.
1766 GOLDSMITH, Vic. W. xvi, If the cakes at tea eat short and crisp, they were made by Olivia.
1841 Fraser's Mag. XXIII. 314 The crispy coolness of fair Eve.

Crispy foods

Crispy foods include:


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